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Our University Won the Second Prize of “China’s
2017-11-27 11:19   审核人:

The eleventh China’s Industry-University-Research Cooperation Innovation Conference was held on November 12th, 2017 in Jinan co-sponsored byChina Association for Industry-University-Research Cooperation and the People's Government of Shandong Province. With the theme of "industry-university-research collaborative innovation towards a new era and a new journey", the conference attracted nearly 2000 representatives, experts and scholars from all walks of life were attracted to the conference, such as those from industry-university-research field, political and financial circles, and commercial and media circles.

The project of “Research and Application of Major Projects’ Health Monitoring and Control Technology”, led by our university, with Professor Sun Li, the leader of “Structural Safety and Injury Control Innovation Team” in Liaoning Province, Vice Professor Jin Qiao, and doctoral student Li Chuang as particpants, won the second prize of “China’s Industry-University-Research Cooperation Innovation Achievements”that wasa historic breakthrough of our university in awards of this level.

The conference issued 605 China’s industry-university-research cooperation innovation promotion awards. Among them, there were 10 outstanding contribution awards, 173 industry-university-research cooperation innovation achievements awards, 218 industry-university-research cooperation innovation awards, 117 industry-university-research cooperation promotion awards, 55 industry-university-research cooperation by military and civilian integration awards and 32 industry-university-research artisan spirit awards. Industry-university-research cooperation innovation and promotion award is the highest honor award of China's industry-university-research collaborative innovation, approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Science and Technology Award Office. Application projects of industry-university-research cooperation innovation achievements prizes cover a wide range of industries, including innovation fruits of cross-border integration nationwide from universities, research institutes, government administrations, financial institutions, industry associations, incubators and other industries, financial institutions, industry associations, incubators and other industries. The projects also involved every field of national economy and people’s livelihood, from aerospace, big data, intelligent manufacturing, new materials, biological medicine, big health to agricultural science and technology, ecological environment. These application projects represent the current advanced level of scientific and technological innovation achievements in China with a wide range of fields and typical representativeness.




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