Civil Engineering College, originally called Department of Architectural Engineering, was one of the earliest departments in the university and was renamed as Department of Civil Engineering and Civil Engineering College in the years of 1993 and 2002 respectively. Through more than 60 years’ construction and development.....[More]
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Discipline Construction
2019-06-18 15:52   审核人:

Civil engineering is the earliest discipline of Shenyang Jianzhu University, and it is also one of the priority and key disciplines in the university. At present, the school of civil engineering has 126 staff. At the national level among them, there are 1 distinguished professor of Changjiang Scholars of Ministry of Education and 1 scholar of Thousand Talents Program; 4 teachers are selected in the National New Century Talents Project,New Century Excellent Talents Support Plan of Ministry of Education and Civil Engineering Professional Guidance and Evaluation Committee of National Colleges and Universities. At the provincial level, over 20 teachers are awarded Climbing Scholars of Liaoning Province, Special-Term Professors, Outstanding Experts, Engineering Survey and Design Masters, the hundred-level of Liaoning Province Million Talents Project and Renowned Teachers of Liaoning Province.

The school attaches great importance to its characteristics and quality in the discipline development. With the aim of approaching frontier international science and technology, the discipline development need to consider some factors such as strategic needs of the national construction industry and serving local economy development. In the process of serving the society, we will continue to improve the quality of personnel training and the level of scientific and technological innovation. With the first-tier discipline of civil engineering as the core and the intersection of disciplines as the link, we should give full play to the group advantages of discipline groups, further clarify and expand the advantages in discipline characteristics, highlight the key points of development, thus promoting all-round discipline development.

In recent years, the discipline centers on green, energy-efficient and environment-friendly civil engineering. It takes the strategic plan of revitalizing the northeast old industrial base as one opportunity, and takes modern building industrialization and local infrastructure construction as another opportunity. It also takes Shenyang Building Industrialization Demonstration Base as the carrier. By using these opportunities and carrier, and taking cross-disciplinary advantages of civil engineering, architecture, electromechanical in our school, the discipline now has formed seven stable research directions. They are new steel-composite structure, assembled concrete structure, structural safety monitoring and damage control, microstructure analysis, high and new materials and structure, building energy saving and indoor environment control, and water treatment theory and technology. Thus, a high-level academic echelon with influence at home and abroad has gradually been formed. Now, the civil engineering discipline has 4 provincial research and innovation teams including new steel-composite structure key technology, new assembly structure system and key technology, building energy saving technology, structural safety and damage control, and 4 provincial teaching teams. Besides, it has 32 scientific research platforms at or above the provincial level approved by the Ministry of Housing and Construction, the Science and Technology Department and the Education Department of Liaoning Province, and the Liaoning Development and Reform Commission, with 19 research institutions. All of these have further enhanced the domestic and international influence and competitiveness of the civil engineering discipline of our university.

The overall development goal of civil engineering discipline is to improve the discipline level by adapting to the new requirements and expand the research fields while maintaining the original characteristic fields. The discipline will strive to possess first-class discipline teams, first-class resource platforms and first-class scientific research achievements through the guidance of high-end talents. The first-level doctorate discipline of civil engineering has achieved B + in the fourth round of discipline evaluation in China, and the discipline ranks 14th nationally. Compared with the results of the third round of discipline evaluation, the national ranking of civil engineering disciplines has increased by 17 places and the ranking percentile has increased by 34%. In the 2017 annual examination of double first-class discipline construction, the civil engineering discipline was awarded as outstanding, the only discipline winning the award. It strives to become a world-famous discipline and first-class in China by 2025 with a strong international influence in the research of modern building industrialization technology, thus making an important contribution to the development of construction industry and local economy.




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